Sunninghill school children keep track of their stuff through customized sticker and label printing services

October 9, 2013 · Print This Article

Sticker and label printing is helping schoolchildren all over Sunninghill, who used to lose their schoolbooks and stationery, to keep track of all their belongings – much to their teachers’ and parents’ relief!

Children naturally share their stationary with their friends an classmates, get distracted and forget where they put their lunch boxes, and can’t remember what their workbooks looked like and where they put them. This can be a trying time for parents and teachers as they try to keep children supplied with the stationary they need and organise their homework and schoolwork.

Luckily, with the help of stickers and labels from Minuteman Press, you can clearly mark all your child’s items so that they can be easily identified and retrieved by schoolteachers and parents as well as the children themselves. You can make sure that your stickers and labels really stand out easily by custom designing and printing them – a surprisingly simple and affordable option, especially when you order in bulk. Just think of all the money you’ll be saving by not having to buy new stationary and lunch boxes every few weeks!

To help your children take extra care with their belongings, involve them in the design process by letting them pick colours, fonts and sizes that they love – the more they love the special stickers, the more likely they’ll be to respect their belongings and pay attention to where they are.

Contact Minuteman Press in Sunninghill today and find out more about our sticker and label printing services!