The advantages of using Litho printing

November 13, 2011 · Print This Article

While many people are more familiar with digital printing, few of them realise that litho printing is the method of choice for large print runs. This is simply because, where quality and quantity is concerned, litho printing offers the most benefits in terms of colour reproduction, cost effectiveness and flexibility.

Litho printing is ideal for large print jobs as it offers an efficient and cost effective printing solution. This printing method is often used to print newspapers, magazines, stationary books and brochures.

When a litho printing machine is used, plates need to be created before the papers can be fed through the machine. These plates are designed to create a mirror image of the graphics and these plates are then used to transfer the image onto paper. Litho printing is the most popular commercial printing method and the printing plates are able to recreate highly complex and intricate designs.

Advantages of litho printing

Litho printing holds many advantages, here are a few:

  • Different mediums: Litho printing can be applied to a wide selection of printing surfaces which include cloth, metal, leather, paper and plastic.
  • Cost savings: It may seem strange but the more you print, the cheaper it becomes! Litho printing offers economies of scale, making it ideal for large print runs.
  • High volume jobs retain quality: Bulk print jobs are printed with crisp quality and clarity. While many of the modern digital printers have made bounds and leaps in terms of cost effectiveness and quality in mass production, they still do not meet the same fantastic standards achieved with litho printing.

Investing in litho printing will not only keep your costs down, but provide you with quality prints.

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