The Impact of design services on your direct mail marketing campaign

December 27, 2015 · Print This Article

You will certainly benefit from incorporating direct mail printing and distribution into your marketing campaign. Of course you will need to ensure that the material you are presenting to your target audience is of a high quality and designed to make an impact. Your direct mail’s design services will affect just how effective your campaign is. Below are a few tips for creating more effective direct mail items:

  • Make sure each piece of direct mail is personalised each to appeal to the individual recipient and their interests. Personalisation is a powerful direct marketing tool.
  • Ensure that your design is eye-catching. Make sure that your direct marketing piece stands out from other items of mail that the recipient might be sifting through. This doesn’t mean that the item has to be jam packed with information or overwhelming colours – just try to incorporate something that catches the eye such as a coloured envelope or an attached sample or similar.
  • Include a clear call to action. The recipient shouldn’t have to hunt for a way to get in touch with you. Give them a variety of clear instructions and methods of reaching you.
  • Direct your recipients to your other marketing platforms where they can find more information or get in touch with you with greater ease. Direct mail printing and marketing is a great way to boost your online communications or get clients to visit your websites and respond to promotions.
  • Make sure that the direct mail printing is clear and easily readable. Choose your font and the amount of content you include very carefully. You don’t want your reader to lose interest because there’s just too much to get through or the font is too small for a comfortable read.

Affordable direct mail printing and design services at Minuteman Press Sandton

At Minuteman Press in Sandton we offer our clients the opportunity to access affordable direct mail printing services. We also offer professional graphic design services to ensure that your direct mail has an eye catching design and includes all the relevant information without overwhelming the recipient.

Contact us at Minuteman Press in Sandton today for more information on our design services and direct mail printing services.

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