The importance of a logo when using display advertising

May 15, 2015 · Print This Article

A logo can change the brand image of any company if done the right way. A logo creates a personal perception in terms of recognition and identity between an organisation, company and enterprise which allows them to be recognised instantly.

Wouldn’t you want your company to stand out from the crowd? Wouldn’t you want people to know exactly what a logo represents just with a glance?

Think of brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonalds or BMW. These brands have become so established in terms of public recognition that the logo speaks for itself and if that logo is attached or associated with any one material, it automatically creates credibility and prowess.

Many brand, marketing and advertising companies create logos, with Minuteman Press in Menlyn, being one of them. A team of designers will consult with you to develop and conceptualise the most appropriate logo which will ultimately give you a unique edge.

Things to consider when creating a logo:

You want your logo to be timeless – It should be relevant now and in the future.

Simplicity is key – The simpler, the better. This allows the recognition process to work quicker for the person who is viewing it. Crowding a logo detracts from your core goal of its association to the company.

Appropriateness – Make sure the font, colour choice and logo fit well with your brand image. Some may be good for some, but not others. For example if BMW as a luxury car brand used different colours on their emblem logo, it may represent something artier rather than being a serious brand.

Memorable – It must stand out. It must remain in the mind of the viewer. Uniqueness is the key to achieving this.

Versatile – Basically the logo should be suitable for all formats as well as be functional if need be.

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