The importance of photography in catalogue design

March 20, 2012 · Print This Article

A well-constructed catalogue design can do wonders for any business. Catalogues are a fantastic way to market your company and connect on a direct and personal level with your existing and potential clients, provided they are cleverly designed and well thought out.

Catalogue design consists of a wide variety of elements which all work together to create one overall experience for you client. If you think of your catalogue as a proverbial shop window and a tool to give your customer a direct look into your company, you will begin to understand why photography is one of the most crucial of all the elements in catalogue design.

The phrase “a picture says a thousand words” is so often used but for good reason – because it is absolutely true! When it comes to catalogues, you are putting your products and services on display in an attempt to entice your client to spend money. The correct imagery can make a world of difference.

Catalogue design – photography tips

  • Single items. Studies have shown that pictures of single items produce better sales than group shots.
  • Own photos. Suppliers are not trying to market their products directly to clients, so often their images will be of poor quality. Catalogues aim to connect directly with the customer, so it is important to use your own, high quality images.
  • Eye catching. In the case of catalogue design photography, less is usually more. Neutral backdrops and well lit surroundings will compliment the product and make it more appealing.

A good catalogue design is an investment that is well worth it in the long run, so take time in selecting the images and layout that best represent your business.

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