The Importance of Using the Right Font

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Whether you are planning a custom made brochure, flyer or any other printed material, font plays a vital role in all designer services. Simply put, fonts have the ability to speak volumes about your brand… even if you are not aware of what your chosen font is saying. For most people, fonts are chosen according to how they look. What many are not aware of however is that fonts have a very important job to do. Looks are all very well, but a good font does not just look nice – it also helps to tell a story in a way that is easily understood.


Why exactly are fonts so important, and how can you be sure that you are using the right font when seeking designer services in Pinetown or anywhere else for that matter?


Design Services Pinetown Tips: Choosing the Right Font


Fonts are used to allow information to be easily read and understood on printed materials. In some cases, the fonts will be viewed up close, such as on a brochure, business card or postcard. In other cases, fonts need to be seen from far away, such as on a poster or large scale billboard. In both cases, fonts need to be read instantly. This is because it takes a matter of seconds for someone to decide whether to keep reading or not. Think about the last poster or printed ad that you saw. Was it easy to read? Or did you give up before you had gotten past the heading?


Some things to note when selecting fonts for your design project include the following:


  • Fonts include serif and san-serif. Serif fonts have small lines that attach to each letter. These include fonts such as Times New Roman. San-serif fonts lack the added lines, with a print-like appearance. Fonts in this category include Arial and Calibri. As a general rule of thumb, san-serif fonts are usually the easiest to read as the letters do not connect to one another.


  • There are also many font families. There are so many fonts in fact, that it can be overwhelming to try and choose from such a huge list. Some of the modern font styles used today include brush fonts (these have a handwritten appearance), script fonts (cursive style fonts), and display fonts (wide variety of bold fonts).


  • Usability plays a vital role in font choice. You may adore that handwritten font, and you may even have a love for Comic Sans, but if it is not easy to read, it will not be effective in any promotional material. Clear, bold fonts that look good from close or far are always a winner. It is a good idea to do some research to find out what fonts are recommended for specific types of design projects. For instance, what works in a greeting card may not work on a flyer.


  • Fonts can create an instant visual impression. In addition to being easy to read, fonts also need to send out the right message. You may be surprised to know that typography (the study of fonts) is rooted in psychology. Certain fonts send out clear messages. A font such as Comic Sans, for example, is seldom taken seriously because it has an amateur, child-like appearance. A font such as Calibri, for instance is a stead-fast, classic font that can be used for any purpose.


  • Fonts also add personality to your brand. Keeping the basic rules of usability and message in mind, you can still have a lot of fun with fonts. There are so many fonts, in all categories, that you will be able to find at least one or two that are suitable for your requirements. You can add plenty of style to your promotional materials by choosing a statement font. Just make sure that it is clear and easy to read!


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