The Kaleidoscope of Colour Copies

November 14, 2016 · Print This Article

Those were the days… not

I remember taking a walk from school to the local library to look up information in Encyclopaedia Britannica for projects. The crowning glory on the project board was all the pictures I had lovingly cut out and glued (with glue – not “copy” and “paste”) after paying my 20 cents to photocopy – at the library – in black and white. How sad!


The world is so much more vibrant today. The only black and white images are intentional ones, and not the result of a lack of colour copies.


Colours abound

What joy to have such easy access to all the colours of the rainbow! But with great abundance comes great responsibility. Throughout the ages and all across the globe, various colours have been associated with various meanings. Colours are also known to influence people on a psychological level. Let’s take a look at what colours represent:



Positive emotions: love, energy, power, strength, passion.

Negative emotions: anger, danger, warning.

Christianity: blood, was, sacrifice.

Buddhism: wisdom, fortune, achievement.

Islam: often used in Muslim flags.

Judaism: blood, sin, life.

China: brides, good luck, celebration.

Cherokee: triumph, success.

India: purity.

Japan: life.



Positive emotions: courage, confidence, friendliness, success.

Negative emotions: ignorance, sluggishness.

Christianity: gluttony.

Buddhism: wisdom.

Judaism: dignity, glory.



Positive emotions: bright, energetic, creativity, intelligence, happiness.

Negative emotions: irresponsible, unstable.

Christianity: corruption, leprous.

Buddhism: freedom, stability.

Judaism: illness, frailty.

Asia: sacred, imperial.

China: royalty, nourishing.

Egypt: mourning.

Japan: courage.

India: merchants.



Positive emotions: money, growth, fertility, health, freshness.

Negative emotions: envy, jealousy, guilt.

Christianity: restoration, life, maturity.

Buddhism: vitality, harmony, balance.

Judaism: life, growth, disease.

Islam: paradise (when combined with gold).

China: health, prosperity, harmony.

Japan: life.

Ireland: symbol of the entire country.

USA: wealth.



Positive emotions: tranquillity, love, loyalty, security, trust, intelligence, masculinity.

Negative emotions: coldness, fear, masculinity.

Christianity: heaven, holy service.

Buddhism: kindness, compassion, peace.

Islam: protection.

Judaism: divinity, glory.

Hinduism: the colour of Krishna.

Cherokee: defeat, trouble.

Iran: mourning.

China: immortality



Positive emotions: royalty, nobility, spirituality, luxury, ambition.

Negative emotions: mystery, moodiness

Christianity: corruption of wealth, royalty.

Judaism: purification from sin.


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