The logistics of sending out wedding invitations

November 23, 2011 · Print This Article

Sending out wedding invitations requires a lot more planning than most people expect. Finalising guest lists, getting everyone’s PO Box details and deciding on the different postage options takes time.

Besides the abovementioned logistics, you will also have to plan, design and order your actual invitations. You need to receive your final invites at least a week before you want to send them out and you have to take the time put each invitation into an envelope and address each invite correctly.

Tips to make sending wedding invitations easier

  • Guest list: Make sure that your guest list is complete before you order invitations.
  • Extra invitations: Order extras so that you have enough wedding invitations if you want to add someone to the guest list or if you need to re-send some invitations (these will also come in handy if you make any mistakes when addressing the invites).
  • Titles: Sending out invitations for your wedding is much easier if you have all the guests’ correct titles ready before addressing the invitations.
  • Weigh and measure: Take one complete wedding invitation, including all additional insertions such as wedding venue maps, to your post office. Ask them to measure and weigh your invitation so you can choose the least expensive way to post them.
  • Plan the insertions in your envelope: Insertions include anything you want to add to the invitation, such as maps or accommodation information. They should be placed inside the envelope in the following order – tissue paper at the bottom, reception card, map, response envelope and lastly the response card on top, but tucked under the response envelope’s flap.
  • Envelopes: All the insertions are placed inside the invitation envelope, facing the flap. This envelope is placed inside the outer envelope for mailing, flap facing the front of the mailing envelope.

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