The Power of Business Cards

October 25, 2016 · Print This Article

You’ve done it!

Do you remember when you got your first box of business cards? Despite the fact that the only people who wanted to have one were your mom and dad, it was exciting and created an air of authenticity. Important conversations concluded with, “Here, let me give you my card.”

Fast forward to today, and many people are proclaiming that the business card is dead.

And yet…

In a world where we use paper less and less, a palpable business card demands a certain reverence. That little rectangle tells us more about the person who shared it than we could ever deduce from their Twitter handle, email address, or LinkedIn invitation.

Even in a digital world, business cards are still an indispensable way to connect with others. The trick is to know how to use your business card supply to your advantage.

Business card etiquette 101

Because business cards are still indeed a staple of business success, knowing the finer points of giving and receiving them is vital.

At work, at meetings, travelling for work, always carry business cards with you – in a business card holder rather than your wallet. The wrong impression altogether is given when till slips fall out as you wrestle for a card. And be sure to hand the card over so that the recipient can read it without having to turn it around.

Keep your business cards up to date.  If your contact information changes, hurry to your nearest printer for new cards. Don’t hand out defaced cards – where you have crossed off an old phone number and scrawled in the new one.

Treat business cards gently – not only because you, your boss, or your colleagues might need it in the future – but as a sign of respect for the person who gave it to you. On receiving a business card, pause a moment and look at it before you put it away (Preferably in an organised business card storage system.) Place value on the card by commenting on the logo, the business name, or some other piece of information when you receive it.

Avoid appearing aggressive with business cards – whether thrusting them on others, or hastily asking for them. Business card etiquette is a subtle but powerful form of relationship building.

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