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Welcome to the world of catalogues. Your very own dictionary of the services and products your company offers. A beautifully designed and completed catalogue is a powerful marketing tool and can have fantastic effects on growing your business, expanding your company portfolio and client base. Imagine a book that reveals your company’s hidden treasures and services!

Tips to create your company catalogue

  1. User friendly: Design the catalogue so that it is easy to read and follow. Categorize your content according to the system that best suits your products, for example, from cheapest to most expensive or by function.
  1. Design for your audience: The catalogue should appeal to your audience. If it is for children’s toys, then allow for a young vibrant design compared to a catalogue for older people.
  1. High quality images: Only use high quality photo or images.
  1. Specials or deals: Always have a section where the customer is excited to look at. That is usually a page or section that shows great offers. These will entice and draw in clients looking for great value for money.
  1. Keep style consistent: Limit the number of fonts and style you use in your catalogue. Use consistent spacing and heading format. This keeps your content easy to read.

Catalogues are uniquely designed to help marketing departments fulfil their purposes. Why don’t you contact Minuteman Press Strijdom Park, Randburg to find out how they can help you fulfil your catalogue objectives?

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