The process of thermal binding

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When looking for binding and finishing methods for your book or annual report, you will find that many printing companies often list thermal binding as an appropriate solution. Many people prefer thermal binding when they are looking for a more upscale and professional binding option. This binding method is used to bind novels, large hardcover books and magazines, amongst other publications.

One of the reasons why thermal binding is so popular is the fact that it doesn’t require holes to be punched into the pages (printers have to make holes in pages for other binding options – such as ring binding or wire binding). It’s also extremely durable, which is why it gets used to print books and novels.

How it works

This commonly used binding method involves the use of strips to secure loose pages together and then sealing these strips by applying heat. Thermal binding equipment is used to locate and heat the tape strips, securely binding the pages into one volume.

After the back and front cover is added to the book, it will be ready for distribution. Unlike many other binding methods, thermal binding offers a simple, yet effective bind (without rings and wires).

Advantages and disadvantages

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of thermal binding are as follows:

  • Durability: One advantage of thermal binding and finishing is that it is extremely durable – flipping through pages generally won’t cause any wear and tear to the publication.
  • Fast binding process: The process of thermal binding is quick. The book is almost instantly usable after the process is finished.
  • Price considerations: One disadvantage of thermal binding may be the price. It can be more expensive than other binding alternatives, but it is ultimately worth it if you plan on marketing and selling your publication.

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