The worth that presentation folders hold for your office

June 18, 2015 · Print This Article

Presentation folders created a certain sense of professionalism when placed in the boardroom. It is extremely enjoyable to a client when they walk in, sit down and find a neat, aesthetically pleasing package placed in front of them. Humans are highly aesthetical creatures and the better something looks, the more it appeals to us. This is why if you go into your boardroom with your guns blazing and documents prepped in a neat and tidy fashion, you will have already gained the respect of your audience without them even realising. Here are five reasons as to how presentation folders can benefit you today.

#5, They are sure to build your brand 

A presentation folder will build your brand immediately as you now have one more piece of equipment to brand, spreading awareness of your company name and logo.

#4, Keep things neat and tidy 

A presentation folder will give you the ability to keep all your documents together, making your presentation, as a whole, more efficient.

#3, Leave a lasting impression on your visitor 

As previously mentioned in the opening paragraph, a well presented folder distributed by you will already score you points before you even begin to present. Professionals appreciate companies who are willing to go above and beyond for them.

#2, They do the marketing for you 

While not only making impressions in the boardroom, if you were to send out a presentation folder with samples of your work to potential clients, as opposed to a company postcard, you would make a far greater impact on the way they view you almost instantaneously.

#1, Ensure you will more than likely get sign off 

When going into a meeting in which a potential signing could happen, be sure to present your client with a legal size folder to seal the deal. Not only will a professional looking folder make them more likely to sign the dotted line, you can be sure you’ll never lose track of the important documents inside.

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