This online design tool takes the hassle out of graphic design

February 15, 2013 · Print This Article

If you are in Krugersdorp and looking to cut the costs associated with designing your marketing materials, then you may think that professional graphic design is an unnecessary expenditure. If you do decide to go at it alone and try to figure out complex design tools like Photoshop, you could spend days on a project that should only take a few hours. So what should you do?

Minuteman Press Krugersdorp offers an online design tool that takes all the hassle out of designing your own artwork. We’ve got a wide range of templates and everything is customisable, giving you the flexibility to produce amazing design work and prints yourself.

There is even a database of support information to help inspire you and troubleshoot any issues you may come across. Once you receive your free online quote, you can order your prints online and even have them delivered for free.

Graphic design can assist with these marketing materials

  • Business cards: For many potential clients, a business card will be their first impression of what your company or service is all about. Don’t hand the creative process over to someone else to misinterpret, rather design your own cards and make sure they give out the right message.
  • Postcards: Combining the right images, colours and phrases will create an effective and powerful marketing tool. If you’re looking for an easy way to design striking postcards, use our online tool.
  • Labels and stickers: Whether you run a home business, a pre-school or a large company, stickers and labels can create order and help you with filing. Our online design tool allows you to customise stickers and labels quickly and easily.

If you’re in Krugersdorp, try out our online graphic design tool now and start creating your own marketing media with Shop Minuteman.

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