Three Graphic Design Best Practice Tips for Beginners

September 3, 2015 · Print This Article

Creating the best graphic design work is about using typography, images, colours and layouts to create something that is not only appealing, but also powerful and meaningful for your clients’ needs. The following are three tips to help you along:

  1. Understand typography

In logo design, you need to know how to use fonts to fortify the message you’re sending with your text – highlighting what needs to be highlighted and conveying the right tone with your choice of font. You can use creative fonts to inject life into the text, thereby improving how your readers interpret and understand the text. However, more creative fonts should be used only sparingly.

Whether you are designing a logo or any other graphic design work, here’s what to remember:

  • Use just one or two font types; anymore and the page will look cluttered.
  • Ensure the size is 14-16px for body text, depending on the body text, subheadings and headings should be appropriately larger to grab attention.
  • Ensure your font choices are easily legible, on computer, mobile devices, banners, ads and other places your work will be used.
  1. Applying colour

Colour is a very important part of effective graphic design services for clients. Through your choices, you can connect better with an audience, which is critical to effective communication with them. Understand the psychological meanings of various colours and use them wisely in logo and graphic design to get the desired effect.

  1. Set your layouts correctly

Layout may not be immediately striking to your audience, but it has a direct effect on how the information being shared in your design is interpreted and retained. As much as you can, maintain the top-bottom-left-right pattern since that’s how readers scan content. If objects are connected, place them next to each other. You can use different colours to distinguish between ideas and also to guide the audience to the focal points of your graphic design work.

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