Time to Plan for Year-end Invitations

December 23, 2015 · Print This Article

Creating event an invitation is your next step after you have secured a venue, date and settled all other details related to your corporate year-end party. This invitation can be done in many ways, including:

  • Printed invites,
  • Electronic or e-mail invites,
  • Sending a link of a website outlining the details of the event to invitees,
  • Sending text messages (for very informal circumstances), or,
  • Drafting hand-written invites (for exclusive parties with limited attendees).

Being a corporate function, it’s always advisable to go with formal or semi-formal printed invites for the year-end event. Depending on who the attendees are, you want to impress them by ensuring the invites look good and reflect the company identity. You may or may not choose to incorporate your logo, but it’s better to have something synonymous with your corporate image.

The best way is to hire graphic designers in Pretoria, which will help you choose from a host of ideas and then create an invitation that resonates with your audience in the best way possible. With events like this, you want to have something unique and yet not so over-the-top that your audience doesn’t capture the essence of your message.

Creativity is key

However, don’t be afraid to move out of your comfort zone with your creative logo design team as you brainstorm about how the invites should look like. This is the first point of contact your guests have with the event, so bear in mind that the invites should have your theme colours (if any) as well as all the relevant details to help invitees get to the event venue.

A theme party is always a hit for end-year gatherings, and you may choose to include a dress-code, just to spice things up. However, if you intend for the function to be formal or informal, make it clear during online design and printing.

How to phrase your wording

The nature of the event will guide you as to how to phrase your wording. Printing invitations should be done early enough to give time for delivery to all parties. Regardless of the invitees, there’s no room for any sloppiness or spelling errors, which indicate under-preparation. Triple-check the draft with two other people to ensure everything is in place before approving.

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