Tips on designing an impressive business card

October 11, 2015 · Print This Article

Business cards have defied the digital age. They still remain one of the quickest and cheapest ways to promote your business, your brand or yourself. Business cards have the ability to bring you business and better business contacts and are an essential marketing tool for any entrepreneur, small or large business owner.

Designing your own business cards is relatively easy these days, thanks to the many online tools and templates. If you have an existing logo, then it’s even easier still. Some printers, such as Minuteman Press, have a service whereby you can design online, using standard templates and just completing the fields. You can even get a quote before you commit to a design or order, so you know the costs upfront.

So what’s the secret to designing a great business card? There are obviously the essentials:

  • Your contact information: email address, phone number and physical address of your business.
  • Your name: printed clearly and placed in a prominent space on the card.
  • Company name and logo: if you have a tagline include that too, it will help to market your business.
  • Your position: very useful to someone who meets you in a group of other people at the same time, such as at a conference. This also establishes credibility and professionalism.

When it comes to the rest of the card, there are trends that change every year or so, but here are five features that remain consistent:

  • Colour scheme: more eye-catching than black and white cards, the colour scheme should complement the logo and rest of the design.
  • Attractive logo: a cleverly designed logo can reveal more about your company than just a name. If you don’t have a logo, think of designing one or getting one done for you.
  • Quality: use the best prints, inks and card stocks you can afford – using less expensive products will produce an inferior quality card, not an impression you want to leave. Flimsy paper or perforated edges show inexperienced or cheap business people.
  • Double-sided: if you can’t fit all your information on one side of the card, use the reverse, rather than creating a cluttered look.
  • Photo: not appropriate across all businesses, but essential in some. Real estate agents use their photos on their cards to make themselves easily recognisable, a big advantage in the property markets. Good quality images, preferably professionally taken, go without saying.

One of the most important things when designing your card is to proofread it, over and over, to ensure there are no mistakes. Nothing is sloppier than spelling mistakes on a business card, or a number that is amended in ballpoint, because the digits on the phone number were transposed. Have a friend check your design to double-check before you print.

Krugersdorp Minuteman Press makes it easy for you to print your business cards

Whether you use their online design service, discuss the design with one of their graphic designers, or bring in a completed design on a pdf file, the experienced team at Krugersdorp Minuteman Press can print your cards to the highest quality, exceeding your expectations. With that service so quick and easy, it is worth looking at their array of services and products which can help the rest of your business run smoothly, from marketing materials to logo creation, brand identity and corporate branding. If you want to get your business card printed professionally contact Minuteman Press in Krugersdorp today.

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