Tips on how to increase your direct mail responses

June 22, 2016 · Print This Article

Some may think it is a waste of time in today’s technology-driven world to have direct mail arrive in your letterbox when we are living in a world of emails. The truth with email, although fast and effective can easily land up in the junk mail or be simply overlooked, as the subject line doesn’t please the receiver.

Minuteman Press in Richards Bay has all the tips you need to use direct mail as an effective personal marketing tool.

How to personalise and receive positive responses to direct mail

  1. Who is your audience: Prevent your post landing up in the rubbish bin by personalising your company envelope to your desired audience. Being specific with your design will increase the chances of your post being opened.
  1. Be personal: Address your client personally. “Dear Mr Martin” will have an immediate impact and your client will be intrigued to continue reading your letter.
  1. Be creative & original: If your post looks like everyone else’s post there is a good chance it will be treated in the same manner and disposed. Choose a textured envelope or use your company branding colours to excite and entice your audience to open it.
  1. Be bold: Using the correct font to catch the eye of your reader will keep them intrigued. With the help of a professional graphic designer you can ensure you will keep their attention.
  1. Call to action: Don’t overload your clients with your products and services, make your content short and sweet and make sure there is something they need to do to keep in-touch with you. For example: “Call us today for a free consultation or quote” or “Visit our website” By doing this, your prospective clients will less likely throw your post aside and move onto the next one.

Printing your personalised envelopes and letters will have a huge impact in the hands of your prospective clients.

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