Tips on making your direct mail printing and marketing more appealing to your recipients

December 15, 2015 · Print This Article

You will do good to follow this direct mail printing and marketing advice from the professionals. Are you one of the many consumers who receive a myriad of direct mail campaigns and “junk mail” on a daily basis? What can you do to ensure that your direct mail stands out from the rest and is genuinely appealing to your target audience? Below we have included a variety of tips and ideas on how to make your direct mail printing and marketing efforts unique and interesting to your recipients:

  • Make your mailers multipurpose of useful – nothing is more disappointing than realising that your direct mail is being trashed immediately. Think of ways to make your direct mail more useful to the recipient. Perhaps incorporate your details into a grocery list pad, fridge magnet, re-usable bag or folder or similar. The more useful your mailer is; the greater chance it will be used and noticed in the future.
  • Put the good stuff first – many marketers make the mistake of including piles of content that gradually builds up to the promotional offer or reward. Open with your reward in a fun and eye catching design. Grab your reader’s attention immediately!
  • Use curiosity to your advantage – while you might know that your direct mail offers something great, consumers have grown dismissive to marketing. If you want to pique your reader’s interest, entice them into opening the envelope. Some marketers find that including a gift or item that makes the package lumpy is a great way to get their curiosity going.
  • Quality is of the utmost importance – consumers can tell just how much time and effort has gone into the graphic design and printing of your direct mailer. Show them just how much you value them and your company image by creating a quality piece to send them.
  • Keep your design eye-catching yet simple – it is human nature to scan over pieces of content so don’t bombard your reader with too much of it. Make sure that your piece offers short snippets of information and has a clear call to action. Forget about all the frills of a complicated design.

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At Minuteman Press in Meadowdale, we offer professional graphic design services for creating direct mailers. We also offer quality direct mail printing services to ensure that your piece is well presented and exudes quality. We can ensure that your direct mail marketing campaign goes off without a hitch.

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