Top Tips on How to Use Flyers to Run a Successful Sale or Promotion

May 21, 2018 · Print This Article

Did you know that the State Theatre and the Reserve Bank of South Africa with its famous office tower are some of the notable structures that dominate the skyline in Pretoria CBD?

As a printing company in Pretoria CBD, Minuteman Press helps many companies in the area to use flyers to give their sales or promotions a boost. Here are a few tips to make sure you make the most out of your flyer marketing campaign:

  • Carefully Craft Your Copy and Design

The wording on your flyers should be limited to the most essential information and it should include a clear call to action. The designs that you use must complement your brand and the sale (and it shouldn’t detract from the message on the flyer).

  • Consider Your Distribution Channels

Now that you have a high impact flyer designed and printed, consider how you are going to distribute these flyers. Keep the demographics, locations and travel patterns of your target audience in mind. If you are targeting gym-goers, for example, be sure to distribute your flyers at a gym. It might be worth hiring people to distribute your flyers for you.

  • Measure Results

To make sure you can determine the ROI of your flyer marketing campaign, you will have to establish measurable goals that you can track. One way to do this with flyer marketing is to tell people that they need to bring the flyers into your store when they enquire about your special or promotion. Another way is to use QR codes or coupon codes that you can keep track of. This way, you will know how successful your flyer campaign was in terms of conversions and sales.

If you are looking for a flyer printing company in your area, then contact Minuteman Press in Pretoria CBD today.