Top Tips To Design A Winning Letterhead

January 29, 2018 · Print This Article

Letterhead design is something of a lost art. In the days before email, letterheads were a great way to bring a brand together. Today, although things have evolved to include email as well, nothing can fully compete with a beautifully designed letterhead. To help you get the most from your letterheads, we have a few tips to share today. Keep reading to find out how to get the most from your letterhead design.

How To Ensure The Best Letterhead Design

Some tips to keep in mind when planning your letterheads include the following:

Simple is always best.

Essentially, the only information that your letterhead needs to convey is your company logo and name, your title, your contact information, and possibly, a slogan or some type of visual detail. Less is usually more. Unless your letterhead is so minimal that it fades into the background, you should ideally have one that is simple enough to not take up too much space on the page. Play around with positioning to test designs. You could try a modern vertical letterhead, a border, a bottom centred letterhead or a contemporary design that showcases just your logo.

Clutter often ruins the effect.

The problem with adding too much to this design is that it very quickly starts to look cluttered. When you take up most of the page with an ornate top and bottom design, as well as a border, the effect is more chaotic than calming. This will make it harder for any letters to be read on the page without the eye wandering off the wording. An overly cluttered design can also look disorganised, aggressive or over the top, which is never good for your branding, either.

Excessive detail does not always print well.

Yet another reason to keep your design simple is that too much detail will not always print properly. Many companies design their letterheads for printing at the office. Even if you invest in professional design and printing, it is always best to be on the safe side. Too many colours together can bleed, small details can be lost, and the effect can often be disjointed and haphazard, which are both no good as far as corporate stationery goes.

Use colour wisely.

On the topic of colours, make sure that you use colour sparingly on this stationery. Too many colours used together can result in a loud, clashing letterhead that does not have the impact you are hoping to achieve. Decide on one or two colours, and bring those in subtly through smaller details. This will ensure that your documents can be easily printed without the risk of bleed. It will also ensure that your letterhead stays clean and professional-looking.

Brand cohesive is essential.

Finally, always make sure that your stationery is designed with your brand in mind. Seeing stationery as a whole rather than looking only at your letterheads, presentation folders, envelopes, business cards, and promotional items individually. This will help you plan your stationery in a way that does not risk a disjointed brand.

The best way to get the most from your letterheads is to invest in professional letterhead design in Durban. Minuteman Press Pinetown offers high quality corporate stationery that is conceptualised, designed and printed professionally. Get in touch with our team today for more information on letterhead design in KZN.

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