Unusual and Effective Business Card Designs

May 4, 2015 · Print This Article

You might be aware that you need business cards for your Cape Town business, but what type of cards should you opt for? If you are looking for a business card that is appealing and therefore effective, you might need to get creative with your design. There have been a variety of companies over the years which have created business cards that have wowed their target audience and everyone else too.

Below are a few unusual business card design ideas that have really done well for the companies who opted for them – these can be seen on Distractify:

  • Multi-tool business card – a bike technician had his business card created to look and function, just like a bicycle multi-tool. Definitely one of our favourites.
  • Cheese grater card – one particular cheese factory had their business card made to look and function, just like a cheese grater.
  • Yoga mat business card – as you might have guessed, this particular design was used by a yoga studio and involved the business card bring printed on material similar to a yoga mat and being rolled up and secured with a tie.

These are just a few unusual business card designs the market has seen. Of course there are hundreds, if not thousands more. If you are struggling to come up with a design that is unique to your business and its concept, try chatting to a professional business card designer who will be able to assist you with some fresh and innovative ideas to consider.

Minuteman Press in Cape Town Makes Exceptional Business Cards

If you are looking for some fresh ideas for your business cards, Minuteman Press in Cape Town is just the place to go. Our designers can assist you with creating a business card that is ideal and relevant to your business. Whether you are looking for a standard black and white print, full colour print or something slightly unusual, we can assist.

To learn more about our business card design and printing services, contact us at Minuteman Press in Cape Town today.

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