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May 25, 2016 · Print This Article

Brochures have been used for marketing products in South Africa for a long time now. However, majority of these brochures are tossed away as soon as they are picked up by potential customers, thus not achieving their intended goal. However, this is a highly effective tool if used correctly and if you incorporate the following advice:

  • First, it is crucial to have an idea of the information a potential customer will be looking for in a brochure. Consider conducting a mini survey among your target audience to find out exactly what they need. After getting the results, tailor-make the information presented in the brochure to answer their questions and any related inquiries. Ensure that the information is simple and technical details explained in layman terms.
  • Second, carefully select a brochure design that will attract customers and encourage them to go through the whole material. It does not have to be complicated but must stand out from any other brochures they have received before. The design should not overpower the information presented on the brochure but should be pleasing to the eye through use of graphics, photos, colours and even photos used in its design.
  • Third, include a section in the brochure that has your contact information or an address of stores that stock your products. Aim to have the potential customers purchase products or engage your services after reading the brochure and encourage them to recommend the same to friends or even family.

Get your marketing brochures designed and printed at Minuteman Press in Sandton

At Minuteman Press in Sandton, we can help you design brochures that will capture the attention of your target audience whenever they are handed out. We also offer other printed business and marketing products such as booklets, business cards and catalogues.

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