Use business cards to their full advantage

April 28, 2015 · Print This Article

Business cards are perhaps the most long lasting marketing tool for any company. Any business stands to benefit immensely from having good quality business cards printed. Your presence and visibility on the market is essential and the business card is highly effective in this regard. Here are some facts and tips:

  • Most professional people keep business card holders while others keep their cards in wallets. This means your business card remains in the possession of your potential customer for a long time, thereby keeping your chances of getting a call from them very much possible.
  • It is important that your card be professionally designed and printed so it stands out among the whole lot that your prospect collects.
  • Because of the benefits that come from an effective business card, it is a worthwhile investment for any serious business person.

Evolution of the Business Card

We have seen the business card evolve over the years as designers try out new designs both in content and material used. The same change has also been witnessed in distribution methods.

Essentially business cards carry contact information. However, lately there has been a trend to include a lot more information on products and services. In some cases this has necessitated a change in size and design to accommodate more information.

More Aggressive Distribution Methods

Lately there have also been new trends in the distribution of business cards. Traditionally business cards would only be given in face to face meetings. However, in order to fully utilise their business cards most business people have adopted more aggressive distribution methods. Some of the methods include mailing the cards or even dropping them in mailboxes and handing them to passers-by on street corners.

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