Use Catalogues to Catch Customers

November 13, 2016 · Print This Article

Time to get touchy-feely

Although consumer behaviour can never be forecast with 100% accuracy, a recent survey by the Nielsen Corporation discovered that customers are less willing to purchase online as compared to offline. Why? The number one reason is because online businesses are often unable to satisfy the psychological needs of their consumers well enough to convert online.

According to an article in a Harvard Business Review report, our sense of touch is an undervalued and little thought about part of the customer experience. Neuro marketing research has shown an intimate, yet unconscious relationship between consumer and product that is formed through physical sensations.

The ultimate luxury

Never before has time been so precious. This makes the pleasure of browsing through a tangible catalogue even more rewarding. There is nothing quite like the feel of a glossy catalogue in one’s hands as the perfect product is selected. Being in a comfortable environment enhances the buyers’ experience – ultimately leading to better sales.


Not only is a professionally printed catalogue a luxury, it’s also quite essential in work environments such as workshops and factories where access to a computer is tricky. In cases such as these, a dog-eared catalogue of products and parts is pretty much standard issue – quintessential, if you will.

On the go

From the height of luxury to pure necessity, one common attribute of a catalogue is its ability to be carried around – no matter how bad the internet signal is! So often, the palpable solution is the only solution.

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