Use colour in your prints, advises Claremont printers

May 6, 2016 · Print This Article

Using colour in design has a huge impact on your company’s marketing strategy. Colour is vibrant and exciting; it stirs emotions, good and bad. Certain colours speak to some people whilst others may turn a blind eye. Colour sends out specific messages from yellow – joyful and happy – to blue – conservative and understanding.

What a powerful yet silent tool you have at your fingertips! If colour printing and design is used correctly it can create immense marketing potential for your company.

The feelings that different colours evoke:

Red: Emotional, active, trust, love, intensity and aggressiveness

Blue: Understanding, confident, calm and trustworthy

Yellow: Energetic, fresh, alive and high spirited

Green: Calming, relaxed, trustworthy and hopeful

Purple: Romantic, glamorous, powerful and nostalgic

Orange: Creative, determined, enthusiastic and stimulates mental activity

Black: Serious, bold and luxurious

Pink: Warm, sweet, nurtured and loveable

Brown: Reliable, supportive and dependable

Colour logos and design influence your clients before you have even had the chance to meet them. When deciding on colour branding, take into account the colour chart and what you are truly saying to your customers.

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