Use envelopes creatively

April 15, 2015 · Print This Article

Part of being a savvy business owner is taking advantage of every opportunity. Customised envelopes for your business are an excellent way to cash in on the use of the mailing system as a method of targeting customers both new and old. Personalised envelopes carry your business brand and, if done correctly, can exemplify your business creativity and individuality.

When you take something that would otherwise be just a functional object and use elements of custom printing and design, you create something totally unique. Envelopes are a mandatory part of mail correspondence and visibility and recognition are crucial to business expansion and brand recognition, so it pays to take the time and effort to make yours stand out above the rest.

The customisation of envelopes does not have to stop at printing of company logos and slogans. There are many ways you can make your envelopes unique and functional according to the requirements of your business. Using envelopes with windows can be extremely efficient, especially if sending to a large number of individuals with different addresses.

Using specially designed business envelopes is an excellent way to kill two birds with one stone, by minimising the effort involved in mail correspondence as well as advertising your brand. At Minuteman Press Marlboro, we understand the importance of making your brand unique in a world packed with fierce business competition.

Our list of products and services covers all aspects of customised business stationary as well as other components necessary for promotion, advertising and day-to-day business efficiency such as catalogues, business cards and self-inking stamps. We also offer expert graphic design services to assist you in creating the ideal business image. For more information, contact us.