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November 8, 2016 · Print This Article

Content marketing

Businesses are abuzz about content marketing. While email marketing is all the rage at the moment, traditional newsletters have been sharing valuable, information-rich content with customers and prospects for years. At Minuteman Press in Fourways, we print newsletters for organisations of all sizes.


Print is dead, long live print

Print newsletters continue to hold value as a content marketing tactic:

  • They are an effective compliment to online promotions,
  • They serve niche markets where print is a preferred format or perceived as more legitimate,
  • A professionally printed newsletter stands out to the recipient, unlike an online newsletter that can get lost in an overflowing inbox,
  • Print is tactile, providing a deeper visceral connection to the brand–a recent study by the Centre for Experimental Consumer Psychology at Bangor University concluded that “Physical objects produce more brain response connected with internal feelings, suggesting greater “internalisation” of the material”,
  • Print newsletters enjoy a longer shelf life, leading to more active engagement.


Newsletter niches

Generally speaking, printers come across one of four main types of newsletter:

  • Informational – can include content curated from outside sources, news items, and event information. They are always succinct.
  • Promotional – introduces a new product or service, event, or special promotion.
  • Educational – a problem is solved through teaching or explaining a solution.
  • Lead nurturing – designed to target a specific audience with meaningful content to increase sales leads.


Anatomy of a winning newsletter

To improve readability, break up your text with headings, sub-headings, lists and bullet points. Keep paragraphs as short as the average person’s attention span. Where relevant, add images to add interest and enhance your message’s meaning.


If you don’t already have one, craft – and adhere to – a branding guideline. From images, to writing voice, to choice of colours and fonts; all should be unified with your established branding. Doing so will highlight your brand when creating a newsletter.


To grab and hold the attention of your readers, tell them straight away what they will get out of reading your newsletter. Make it snappy, exciting, and clearly state the why, not the what.


Newsletters should be full of fresh content – information your readers can’t find anywhere else. Get creative! Some ways to achieve this:

  • expand on a prior article,
  • tell a story,
  • connect emotionally to establish an authentic bond with your audience by giving them little peeps behind the scenes.


For an all-round solution to your newsletter printing needs, contact us today.

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