Use the business card to build your brand

August 15, 2015 · Print This Article

It is not just a matter of making any business card. – Far from that. It is a matter of creating one which will undoubtedly draw the attention of its holder. Handing out a business card will not suffice on its own. Without a doubt, the person receiving your card will also be receiving cards from your competitors, meaning the content and layout of your specific offering needs to be able to convince the holder of your worth. While this may sound like an incredibly daunting task, fear not, there are always ways in which you can make sure you stand out, even in the absence of your physical presence.

Your business card must speak for you

Make sure you’re always true to your industry – an extremely important point to hold on to. For example, if you are a high powered attorney, regardless of your personality, you will need to present yourself in a professional manner. Luminous cards with graffiti writing unfortunately will not say much for your dependability within the court room. However, if you were to get a matt black card with your details embossed and foil stamping done over in silver, this could really speak volumes as to the respect you command.

At the other end of the spectrum, if a graphic designer had to do the same, people would wonder as to why there were no graphics displayed on their business card and whether this was an indication of their faith in their own skills.

Get help to create the correct card

If your creative juices aren’t flowing when you most need them, don’t worry as Minuteman Press Menlyn has a highly skilled team who can help you with the designing process of your business card. We will ensure every desire is met and that your card produces nothing but the best outcomes. Waste no time and Contact us today for a business card you will be proud to give out.