Uses of letterheads:

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A letterhead is a heading at the top of a sheet of paper: it indicates the company or document name. It displays the company’s professionalism on correspondence. Some businesses use personalised letterheads. Letterheads have several uses.


Personalised letterheads:

Personalized business letterheads show the professionalism of the business: it indicates a proficient corporate institution. You personalise your letterhead by placing the company’s name in the header or contact area – it indicates a more personal interaction with your clients on a professional level.


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Usages of letterheads printing:

Letterheads are however not limited to only businesses there are a variety of methods to make use of letter heads whether you are a individual or a much smaller company. Letterheads can be used for minutes of meeting, tenders or notices, approval or legal notices and inter-departmental communication .


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