Using Presentation Folders for Your Pretoria CBD Business

May 21, 2015 · Print This Article

When it comes to organising documents and protecting them from potential damage, presentation folders are the answer. Your Pretoria CBD business can also benefit from the use of these folders especially if you carry documents around to meetings, need to hand over important files to clients and even if you need to hand out marketing material. There is no denying the fact that presentation folders are versatile.

If you would like to benefit from presentation folders, consider the following tips: 

  • Ensure you have your folders designed according to your needs. There are various types and styles available on the market to choose from. Some will include a basic folder design while others will offer extras such as slits for business cards and additional interior pockets.
  • Make sure you brand your folder clearly, especially if you are going to be handing it out. Just like various other types of stationery, presentation folders can be a highly effective advertising tool.
  • Ensure the company contact details are clearly visible on the folder. The folder should grab the attention of your target audience and direct them towards your contact details.
  • Make sure the design size of the folder is slightly larger than the documents it will contain. For example, if your folder is to organise a large pile of A4 pages, make sure the folder is slightly larger to accommodate this comfortably.

Where Can You Find Presentation Folders in Pretoria CBD?

If you are looking for a designer and supplier of presentation folders in Pretoria CBD, look no further. At Minuteman Press, we can provide you with a presentation folder of any size and colour. What’s more, we also specialise in single ink printed, embossed or foiled designs; card slits and additional pockets are also optional.

For more information on how you can use presentation folders within your business and to discover our range, contact us at Minuteman Press in Pretoria CBD today.