Using Retro Postcard Design as a Unique Marketing Tactic

April 3, 2017 · Print This Article

Postcard design in Durban (or anywhere else, for that matter) offers a simple, quick way to promote your business. Whether used as part of a direct mail campaign, or hand-delivered to valued customers, postcards are a highly effective form of advertising. A trend that continues to grow is retro style design. The vintage, old-fashioned style goes especially well with postcards, which by their very nature have a retro appeal.


Postcards are printed in two common sizes: 184 x 104mm and 154 x 90mm. They are typically double sided, with the main design on the front, and a secondary design area on the back. Whatever your business might be, postcard design is sure to help bring your brand to your audience in a highly visual way.


Top Tips for Using Retro Postcard Design to Promote Your Business


Wondering how you can use retro style postcard design to promote your business? While the retro style works with a majority of businesses ranging from salons to restaurants, bars, retail outlets, real estate agents, marketing agencies and kids’ clothing and décor, it can be used for many other types of business as well. This style may not be appropriate for large scale corporate businesses, but it is perfect for businesses that are seeking a fresh, fun style. Some of the ways that a vintage style postcard can be used include the following:


  • Special events

If you are planning an event for your company, retro styled postcards are an elegant, eye-catching way of inviting guests or sending out a notification with event details. This type of postcard works particularly well for cocktail events, movie nights, fund raisers, sporting events, school events, restaurant events and many other types of functions, adding a sophisticated style that will not be easily forgotten.


  • Promotions

In the old days, it was common to see beautifully illustrated Coca Cola ads on postcards. Many collectors treasure these cards, and for good reason. Promotional material does not have to be over the top, boring or tacky. In fact, a postcard that is designed well can do wonders for brand recognition. Those who receive vintage or Art Deco postcards are less likely to throw them out, too.


  • Announcements

Adding a new product to your range? Opening a new branch? Launching a new department? Hiring an extra special person to your team? Announcements are a fun way to keep your clients and customers updated in a way that is memorable and interesting. A personalised postcard that has been hand-written and delivered in the mail is far more interesting than an email that may get lost in the myriad other emails received. As postcards are no longer the primary method of communication, they are always exciting to receive.


  • Customer notes

A beautifully designed note is sure to leave a lasting impression on any customer or client. Whether sending out seasonal holiday messages, personalised thank you notes, appointment reminders or any other type of well wishes, retro postcards bring a touch of whimsical charm to your customer notes. Many retro styled designs feature one of a kind illustrations and unique elements that make them mini works of art.


  • Order notes

You can also use postcards for your order notes. These notes are usually personal, with information or details added when products are shipped. Adding a personalised note is a great way to build your brand in a subtle yet powerful way. You can add a hand-written note and include a thank you to the customer for placing their order. For best results, make sure the the postcard design is relevant to the product you are sending. You can also add a note including your social profiles, asking customers to share their package on social media.


Ready to create your own powerful retro inspired postcard? Minuteman Press Pinetown offers high quality postcard design in Durban that helps you get the most impact from your postcards. Request a quote now to get started!

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