Utilising design services for an effective direct marketing campaign

December 13, 2015 · Print This Article

Add credibility to your direct mailing marketing campaign with professional graphic design. With the right design and distribution your direct mail campaign can boost sales and profits. Below are a few graphic design tips for eye catching direct mail printing and marketing success:

  • Make sure that your value or rewards are clearly visible. Direct mail can become boring to the reader so make sure that yours doesn’t. Include fun rewards that are easy to see and pick out from the included content.
  • Get creative, but don’t veer from the simple path. Simple designs work – it’s that simple! While it’s a great idea to get creative and try something fun, try not to make the design too busy or complicated as it will take away from the content and potentially lose the reader too soon.
  • Use a top quality printer. The quality of your print will be visible and if you want to ensure that your company’s credibility or image isn’t tarnished, turn to a reliable and reputable printer with state of the art equipment and top quality printing materials.
  • Write engaging copy. You might think this isn’t part of the graphic design but it is! You need the copy to be short, punchy, informative and able to spur your reader into action. Plan the copy before you start getting creative with the design. This will ensure that everything fits in nicely.

Minuteman Press in Lynnwood offer direct mail printing services

At Minuteman Press in Lynnwood we can eliminate the stress of designing your direct mail! We offer professional graphic design services as well as direct mail printing services. What’s more is that we can handle the entire campaign from acquisition of specific mailing lists to use, addressing of direct mail pieces, design of the content, actually sending of the items and more.

Contact us today to find out more about our direct mail printing and design services.

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