Are various rubber stamps still being used today in offices?

April 20, 2014 · Print This Article

Many offices in Nelspruit are still making use of various rubber stamps. Quality rubber stamps offer many advantages and benefits to business owners and with their many uses they remain a popular business stationary in the office.

You will be surprised to find out how many uses there actually are for rubber stamps in your business today. If you are looking for advice on choosing the best rubber stamp for your business, then read on. Here are a few basics to help you choose the best stamps from Minuteman Press Nelspruit.

Handle mount rubber stamps:

Handle mount rubber stamps are the oldest and the one people tend to be most familiar with. They are made by ‘mounting’ the rubber stamp on a handle. Of the three kinds of rubber stamps available the “handle mount rubber stamp” is the least expensive and it come in as many as 19 different sizes. Just take note though that you will need to buy a separate inking pad.

These days, the handles can be made out of a variety of materials including wood, plastic or metal. Whilst plastic will be cheaper initially a rubber stamp with a wooden handle or, even better, a metal handle will last much longer and therefore, if you are going to be using the stamp often, investing in quality will eventually pay off.

Pre-inked rubber stamps:

As with self-inking stamps, pre-inked rubber stamps can be easily centred. These types of stamps are available in much more compact designs and they are also very convenient to use. They are the most expensive of the three kinds of stamps, but can be used thousands of times and are able to produce a much sharper image than the other two.

Self-inking rubber stamps:

The second kind of rubber stamp which is also relatively well-known and popular is the self-inking rubber stamp. These stamps have an inkpad in the stamp mechanism itself and it is therefore not needed to buy a separate ink pad. Because they function as a single self-contained unit they can be more convenient to use but they are also bulkier.

Finding the best quality rubber stamps that is available on the market is much easier than you can imagine. Contact Minuteman Press in Nelspruit today for expert advice!

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