Wedding invitation envelope printing: Where to go in Alberton

October 1, 2013 · Print This Article

It’s time for wedding invitation envelope printing in Alberton! You’ve met the man of your dreams, you’ve met the parents and you’ve said yes. Now, you’re in the middle of organising your happy day and things are definitely looking up – until something unexpectedly drags you down.

It’s not that you didn’t anticipate some wobbles along the way. Of course, you knew that the dress, flowers and table decorations might take some thinking about but, being the practical woman you are, you were prepared for that. You drew up an action plan that even includes ideas on how to handle your mother and future mother-in-law when they start getting, well, over-excited about things.

But, wedding invitation envelopes? Who knew that it could be such a minefield of colours, fonts, finishes and wording which, of course, you’ll have to get exactly right or Auntie Glenda will never speak to you again. Where in the world are you supposed to find a designer who can handle all that? Never mind a printer who can do the job to your exacting standards?

Overcome by all this unexpected trauma, you have the bright idea of purchasing the envelopes at some craft shop and then getting a calligrapher to do the pretty, swirly writing. Oh, happy day? Oh, no: it turns out that Miss Calligrapher knows nothing about the correct way to address the envelopes and still has the audacity to charge you an arm and a leg for all the envelopes she messed up!

By now, of course, you’re running out of time. Just breathe: Minuteman Press in Alberton can guide you through this painstaking process – and come up with stunning results – without anyone getting a coronary, including you, your mom and mother-to-be; even Auntie Glenda!

For more information on envelope printing in Alberton, visit our website or contact us today.

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