Five handy uses for printed brochures

October 15, 2016 · Print This Article

Even in the digital age, there is still plenty of room for printed brochures. Brochures are handy and easy to keep. They can be designed to your exact specifications. Think of them as little mini magazines that advertise your business throughout. Here are five uses for printed brochures.

  1. Mini product catalogue
    You may be launching a brand new range or a few new products and don’t want to reprint an entire new catalogue. Save costs by printing a mini version of a product catalogue. You could also have multiple smaller catalogues if you have a range of products that would appeal to different target markets.
  2. Training manuals
    If you need to train some new staff members, a brochure with helpful information is a good way to ensure your new employees have everything they need. They can then also refer back to it.
  3. Employee handbook
    This is a great idea for bigger companies where company policies need to be made known. Employees can keep their own handbook and you will have peace of mind knowing that they have the information available to them.
  4. Company mini magazine
    This is a step up from the usual company newsletter. Create a mini magazine to distribute to staff and clients. You can include company news, announce new hires and share what is important to you and your business.
  5. Adult colouring book
    Colouring books for grown-ups are all the rage. Why not create one that promotes your business while it entertains? Enlist the help of an illustrator to create some beautiful pages that will keep people entertained for hours.


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