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Wedding printing in Meadowdale is only one of the many things you have to consider when planning your wedding. Tying the knot is supposed to be the most significant, memorable and happy day in any couple’s life … or that’s what romantic novels would have us believe.  But they never mention anything about the preparation that goes into even the most laid-back, low-key “Big Day”!

In fact, arranging one’s own wedding can be incredibly stressful, with so many issues to be taken into consideration that the nuptial prelims often turn into an agonising experience, which tests even the most loving relationships to the limit.

Having fixed a date for the event – and, hopefully, secured an appropriate venue – the next logical step is to start compiling the guest list, which is where the trouble usually begins…

Obviously, the number of guests is determined by budget and venue, but who to invite (or omit from the list) so as to achieve the desired number, is a true test of diplomacy and mutual devotion.

Naturally, each side of the wedding party should be equally and fairly represented, which can be complicated by various factors, starting with the parents-in-law on both sides, followed by relatives, and friends.

Whatever the size of your planned wedding, the elimination process – however contentious – is essential.  To reach a cut-off point, professional wedding planners offer the following basic pointers:

  • Firstly, invite business colleagues as individuals, not as couples.
  • Then, invite only close relatives and genuinely good friends.   If they’re single (and not intimately involved), discourage “plus ones”.
  • If a couple that was previously a fixture on the mutual friends list has recently separated, tell each half that the other has been invited.  Often, one person will not attend a function if the other is coming (except in the case of parents of the bride or groom).
  • Should you not want small children at the reception, tell people upfront.  (Small babies are fine, but not rumbustious toddlers or anti-social pre-teens.)
  • Finally, when dealing with “exes”, only invite those who you can honestly admit are now “just friends”.

Good luck, and remember, the gentle art of compromise is the best way to cross the guest-list hurdle.!

Now, with that out of the way, you’ll be needing someone to print the wedding invitations…

Fortunately, Minuteman Press can help in this regard!  We have extensive experience in printing material for weddings, from invitations, envelopes and RSVP cards, to religious ceremony programmes, menus, reception seating plans, place-cards, thank you cards, and even wedding photo books.

What’s more, we’ll even design them for you!

Whatever your printing requirements, Minuteman Press in Meadowdale guarantees quick, efficient, professional service, so contact us for all your wedding printing needs.

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