Wedding printing – tips from printers in Kensington

January 14, 2013 · Print This Article

There are many things that need to happen when you plan a wedding (and just as many things that need to be printed!). One of the items that brides stress about the most is their wedding invitations. Before the design and printing can be done, however, you need to determine what you’re going to write on these invites.

If you want to leave people feeling impressed after they have read through your wedding invitation; you should spend some time planning the wording. Remember who your audience (guests) will be and if it’s a more casual wedding you can phrase your invitations in a more sociable manner.

The correct way to word your wedding invitation

Before you start writing your own wedding invitations, take a look at how some of your married friends approached this task in the past. Read through old wedding invitations and decide what you liked or disliked about each invite.

When wording the invitations you should always remember the following:

Jokes and humour

For a casual approach you can add some witty and clever puns with regards to the location, date or the event. A formal invite, however, shouldn’t include unnecessary jokes and humour.

Formal invitations

Formal weddings take a bit of a different approach with regards to wording of the wedding invitations as they are often written in the voice of the bride’s parents (Tom and Nancy Le Roux invite you to the marriage of their daughter, Catherine Le Roux, to Neil Patlansky).

Casual invitations

Casual wording does not mean that slang is acceptable. If you want your wedding invitations to sound more laid back, rather phrase the message in a fun manner and add a hint that people need not dress up too much.

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