What are my printing options?

November 28, 2016 · Print This Article

Printing services and products have come a long way. Due to advanced technology, publications can be mass produced in a very short period of time while maintaining the quality of prints. There are several types of printing that you could choose from and also a range of paper that you may choose from. Here are some explanations of terms you may come across when printing for you or your business:

Types of Printing

  • Offset Lithography: Known as offset printing. This is considered the most cost-effective. It also allows publishers to print high quantity of prints in faster time because the printing machine is very quick and easy to set up.
  • Letterpress: Originally done by Gutenberg. Clearly more advanced than the original press, the process remains the same. The image being printed is higher than the surface of the plate which will be pressed on the paper. This practice, however, is largely obsolete.
  • Digital Printing: If you want your prints to be high quality so that the images do not become blurred, this is the process you should choose. It is popular due to its superior quality and quick printing process from computer directly to the printer.

Types of printing papers

  • Gloss: A gloss coated paper has a high shine, as those in a typical magazine.
  • Dull: Dull finish paper has a smooth surface paper that is low in gloss. Dull coated paper falls between matte and glossy paper.
  • Matte: A matte coated paper is a non-glossy, flat looking paper with little or no shine. Matte papers are more opaque, contain greater bulk, and are costly.

Before you take your work to any printing company in Sunninghill, you should first consider the use of your print out, if it is a magazine you would use offset printing on gloss paper. If you are printing an assignment for school, you would probably use digital printing on dull paper. For more information contact us today Minuteman Press in Sunninghill for all your printing needs.