What are the major areas of design under graphic design services?

February 7, 2014 · Print This Article

So, you want to be a designer and make graphic design services your forte? But what exactly does that entail? Here’s some practical insight into the underlying structure of this fascinating, creative industry.

Areas of design under graphic design services

Print: As much as people feel that the print medium is a dying platform, it is still a large market for graphic designers. The various avenues here include:

1)    Package designer: These designers are the most famous and yet the most anonymous, as their designed products (bottles, cartons, boxes etc.) are available in every store, home and kitchen. However, few people know exactly who designed them.

2)    Advertising and marketing: Under advertising, designers will create logos, colours, mascots – basically the overall personality of the product. Marketing, on the other hand, uses a more sales-focused approach to attract customers towards the product.

3)    Print publication designer: In the past, this avenue employed the highest number of designers. However, with the advent of the Internet, newspapers and magazines have been hit quite hard.

4)    Logo designer: These are designers who are good with sketches and are responsible for coming up with logos for their brands.

Digital: With the growing popularity of the Internet, this avenue is booming. The following are the areas of design for this sector:

1)    Front-end web designer: Every website has a front-end, which carries the visual look of the website, and a back-end, which contains the operating code of the website. These designers are responsible for the actual design and aesthetics that visitors see rather than the code itself.

2)    Designer/developer: These designers are not focused on the aesthetics of the site but are proficient in coding (HTML, Ruby, PHP etc.) and will be responsible for the website’s back-end.

3)    User Interface Designer: UI designers are responsible for all productivity applications in a website including navigation, typography, custom buttons and the like.

While this isn’t an exhaustive list, it will give you an idea of what this industry is all about. Contact us today for a wide range of graphic design services!

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