What else can commercial printers do aside from printing?

March 24, 2014 · Print This Article

In this printing myth busters brought to you by Minuteman Press Rivonia we will be busting some more printing myths here. One of the myths going around is that commercial printing services providers do little else but print and photocopy documents. In actual fact, they can do so much more.

What a lot of people don’t realise is that industry leading printers offer a wide range of services that most companies would do well to make use of.

Apart from being able to print personalised envelopes and letterheads they can even help you with the design of your company logo, and if you think that sending people personalised envelopes and letterheads has become a somewhat outdated practice, think again. In this age of electronic communication nothing says ‘we truly appreciate your business’ like receiving a note of thanks in a personalised envelope from a company.

But, this is not all that commercial printers can do for you. They can also design and print business cards and nothing says ‘we are serious about doing business with you’ more than a business card.

Apart from this, you should also consider investing in personalised rubber stamps, another service that a decent professional printing company will be able to provide with ease. Or, how about having catalogues and brochures designed and printed for that upcoming tradeshow and maybe some flyers and posters?

Benefit from this exceptional technology

It is exactly because a lot of advertising nowadays is done using online methods that this ‘old school’ approach to spread the word about products and/or services should again be made use of. After all, because there is less of these things floating around, chances are better that your brochures and flyers will be given serious attention.

Contact Minuteman Press to learn more about our many printing myth busters and how we can offer you some exceptional services and advice.

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