What can NCR printing in Sunninghill Mean for Your Company?

December 14, 2013 · Print This Article

What can NCR printing in Sunninghill Mean for Your Company?


The age of carbon copies to make copies of your work is over – instead use NCR book printing in Sunninghill. NCR means “no carbon required” and the sheets in these books create impressions as you write. There are many distinct advantages to working with NCR books that will help you to increase your productivity and save money (as well as time!) in your day-to-day dealings. It will also save you money on even having to make colour copies or printing extra copies of the same contract.


One of the first and perhaps most obvious advantages of making use of NCR books is that they are far cleaner to work with. Carbon paper presents the problem that if you press on it by accident, it will leave a smudge on all copies of the document. This can lead to making it difficult to understand what was written on the document in the first place and make it all seem a lot messier, despite your best efforts to keep your documents neat.


Some of the obvious benefits of using NCR books are:


  • Create more copies: Investing in NCR book printing allows you to create more copies of your document than you would be able to with carbon paper. It can become rather difficult to read the information on carbon paper once you reach a couple of pages, which makes it difficult to read what was written in the first place.
  • Easy to use: Many people agree that making use of NCR book printing and using these books in their day-to-day business dealings is far more user friendly. You simply have to write on them to create copies. When using carbon paper, it’s more difficult as you need to use it with the separator while applying it to all the copies that you need.


Enjoy the many benefits that this fantastic technology has to offer. . Contact Minuteman Press for affordable NCR book printing in Sunninghill.