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If you are hosting a conference or seminar, then you should know that printed conference material is important to the success of your event. It should be done with the utmost professionalism to ensure your guests are impressed and leave wanting to associate with your company. The purpose of the printed material is to reinforce the overall aim of the conference and leave attendees with some information to refer back to. Here is a list of the printed material required at any conference:


The delegates attending your conference will have loads of information pamphlets, business cards and other printed materials to carry away with them. The last thing you want is for them to be annoyed by this and consequently decide to leave all your printed material behind. A folder allows for all the printed material to be conveniently and safely secured.


Nametags are a great way to get the attendees at your conference to start socialising and networking. This is an important aim of any conference. Providing a nametag for all your delegates is definitely a good idea to set a professional standard at a conference.


All delegates should receive a programme upon arrival which ensures they are aware of the schedule of events. This allows your attendees to plan accordingly and not feel like they are left in the dark with what the conference intends to cover.


Banners are another essential material for any conference and serve multiple purposes. Firstly, they can direct attendees to restrooms, different workshops and more. It also promotes the general purpose of the conference and can be a fantastic marketing mechanism.

Business Cards/Contact Information Brochure

The conference is one aspect of your venture after which you will need some sort of printed material containing all the contact information delegates may require. It allows attendees to have a quick reference as to where and how they can reach you and is impeccable to the purpose of any conference.

Who to turn to for help

All of the above material should be done by a professional printing company which understands the image of your venture and can provide all the services you require for a successful, well-presented conference. Minuteman Press is one such professional printing company that offers all the printing services you require. The more professional your choice of printing company, is more professional your printing material will be and consequently the more successful your conference will be.

Contact Minuteman Press today for all the help you need regarding printed conference materials.

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