What Does Workings of NCR Books in Hatfield Mean for your Business?

December 10, 2013 · Print This Article

What does NCR books in Hatfield mean for your business?


If you want to know what NCR books stands for, then read on. These no carbon required books are a great investment for any company. The three different sheets that work together to create an NCR book are referred to as the CB sheet, the CFB back sheet and the CF coated carbon front sheet. These sheets are designed to work together by transferring the carbon from the top sheets to the bottom sheet.


This process works by using the pressure that’s applied as you write from the top sheet to a set of six sheets. This is a fast and simple solution when you need several copies of a document to be created instantly. There are many uses ascribed to these NCR books where companies and people need to have many copies of the same document. Some of these uses include:


  • Delivery notes and purchase orders: In this regard, NCR books are best used for delivery notes and purchase orders where you need to provide different copies of the same documents without having to rewrite it over and over again. Without the use of the books in these industries, it would be a logistical nightmare.
  • Sales invoices, receipts and other invoices: These are only a few of the ways in which these NCR books address many needs in the company. Other examples of use include work dockets, estimating pads, carbonless time sheets, purchase order pads and receipt pads, to name a few.


Minuteman Press Hatfield for Affordable NCR Book Printing

These are only a few of the many needs that NCR books still meet in this digital day and age, despite the increasing use of computers in many industries. Why not take care of your company’s administration needs with this great new technology? Contact Minuteman Press for affordable NCR books in Hatfield that will add value to your company.


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