What is Large Format Printing and Which Printing Companies in Centurion Can Provide It?

September 8, 2014 · Print This Article

Knwoing which printing companies in Centurion offer large format printing can help you business when it is in need of such a service. The title large format printing is pretty self explanitory as to what this service actually is. It is a process where by media is printinted in a size which regular printers are unable to handle. It also often makes use of printing materials other than paper. Due to the size of the prints required you will need to ensure the printer being used is able to offer a high quality end result. This type of printing is often used to create banners, decals and various other large marketing items.

While there are a number of printing companies in Centurion offering this service, it is best to investigate what their experience is in the industry and view some samples of their large format printing before going ahead. It is important to ensure your company image is presented in a professional and top quality manner.

What can large format printing do for your business?

With large format printing you can reach your target audience with greater ease. At Minuteman Press we offer professional design and large format printing of the following items:

  • Teardrop banners.
  • Rollup banners.
  • PVC banners.
  • Posters in size A0, A1 and A2.
  • Vinyl stickers and decals that are used for vehicle branding and indoor / outdoor office branding.

At Minuteman Press we offer full colour large format printing that will produce a final printed result exuding quality and present your business brand and image professionally. We welcome you to contact us to discuss your various needs and requirements for printed marketing media. At Minuteman Press we one of the leading printing companies in Centurion and look forward to taking the quality of your printed marketing media to new heights.

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