What to look for in a catalogue design company

March 10, 2012 · Print This Article

If you are in the market for a company that specialises in catalogue design and printing, you deserve to get only the best for your money. Many companies decide to outsource their catalogue design to professional design and print companies for the exact reason that these companies are experienced in handling these types of projects.

Too many companies are simply bogged down with their own work to handle the design and printing of their catalogues in house – and this is where graphic design and printing companies can step up to fill the void. However, as with most other industries in the world there are those flyby outfits you will want to avoid too.

Things to look for in a catalogue design company

  • Reputation: Research the proposed catalogue design company you intend to work with. Find out what their reputation is in the market place and if they deliver consistent and quality work. Other aspects to consider are whether the company adheres to deadlines and the type of customer service they afford their customers.
  • Years in operation: You don’t want to entrust your time, money and the project to an inexperienced company that might or might not be around in two months’ time. While it may seem brutal to only go with established companies, this is probably what you need to do to protect your investment and get the most out of your money.
  • Services: Ask what services the catalogue design company offers. Do they take the product photos for the catalogue, do they write the promotion and advertising copy and do they take care of the printing too? These are all the questions you will need answers to before you sign any contracts

For the most professional and competitive catalogue design and printing, contact Minuteman Press Secunda.

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