What type of paper finish is best for wedding invitations?

November 24, 2011 · Print This Article

There are many options available when searching for the perfect paper finish for your wedding invitations. Most brides make the wise decision of incorporating their wedding’s theme into their invites. The theme and tone of your wedding will play a huge role in determining which finish works best for your invitations.

Here are a few options for your wedding paper finishes:

  • Linen paper is a popular choice because it has a smooth texture and can lend a formal feel to your wedding invitations;
  • Matt paper has a flat coated finish which causes light to scatter rather than reflect. Test your wedding invitation design on this paper before printing the entire batch;
  • Gloss paper is highly reflective and ideal for sharper graphics and contrast, which works well when printing rich colours;
  • Silk laminate paper is durable yet silky.

Which one should you choose?

If you need to stick to a very tight budget, you could always use uncoated paper. This type of paper draws in ink (seeing as it doesn’t have any coatings or finishes on it) and it is the least expensive option.

If you’re looking for a formal, sleek paper finish, then linen would be a great choice. Matte paper finish is ideal if your goal is to have soft, elegant-looking invitations. If you are printing photographs on your invites, then a gloss finish should be used.

We can create a memorable image for your wedding with an integrated system of wedding programmes, invitations, reception cards, and much more. You can choose from our samples or have our design department create a customized look from scratch.

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