What you should include in your presentation folder for your Fourways business

July 8, 2015 · Print This Article

Making use of a presentation folder will not only benefit your business in the Fourways area, but all throughout any contact which they make in your industry. Therefore knowing what to include in them is a vital must. Its uses are often overlooked and people tend to argue that it is nothing more than a printing expense. However, a presentation folder can bring a huge amount of value to your office. Here are a few examples of what you should include in your folder pack.

Various writing aids 

If you are at a conference and find yourself short of stationary, nothing can be more irking especially when you wish to jot down a few notes. Therefore, put yourself in your guests’ shoes and imagine them sitting in your boardroom listening to you speak with no materials to write with. Furthermore, when handing out pens and note pads, it gives your client a constant daily reminder of your company each time they use that pen or pad again.

A form of contact 

This one is a no brainer as people will always need some sort of reference to get in touch with you should they wish to do so. Amidst the documents and other items left for your clients, be sure to place a business card within your pack. Ensure your presentation pack is designed with an allocated slot specifically to allow you to leave your business card in.

Get all your office stationary at one shop 

When printing your business folders, be sure not to settle for anything less than perfection, as this is an important mark you will be giving your clients to take home. It therefore needs to be aesthetically pleasing, functional and durable in order to become a talking point. Team up with the best printers in town today and give Minuteman Press Fourways a call. We strive for nothing below average and will help you get all of your products efficiently.

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