When choosing between digital and litho printing, go for litho if you’re ordering in bulk

July 9, 2013 · Print This Article

When ordering printing services in Germiston, litho printing might be your best bet if you’re ordering large volumes of prints. This printing method, also known as offset printing, works by creating a printing plate for a print and then transferring the print onto paper or other materials. It does this by using oil-based paints and water and works on the basic principle that oil and water repel each other.

There is a huge range of paper stocks to choose from when printing this way and there is also a lot of room for creative freedom when you choose litho printing. Besides this type of flexibility, it is also the most popular printing technique because it is very affordable when used for high volume printing jobs.

This is how we help you save money on printing costs:

  • Bulk printing works out cheaper: The main reason why companies choose litho printing for high volume printing jobs is because they work out to be a lot more cost effective. While litho printing (which is an industrial process that requires the manufacturing of customised plates) is pricey if you are printing a low volume of material, the more prints you require, the cheaper the unit cost will be.
  • Speed: Another reason why litho printing is a great option for high volume printing jobs is that it prints relatively quickly once the plates have been set up. Experienced printing companies can print very large volumes of prints in a short amount of time when using the litho printing machines.
  • You do not have to compromise on quality: It is important to note that each print will be of high quality irrespective of how many prints are made. This is why companies choose to print high volumes of promotional material, such as flyers and brochures, this way. Colours and images are reproduced wonderfully as well.
  • Unique effects and colours: Litho printing also allows companies to print with “special colours” such as metallic gold or silver, which is great for poster printing and annual reports.

Need digital or litho printing services in Germiston? Get a quote from Minuteman Press for your next print job or contact us for more information!

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