When to order black and white bulk copies in Hyde Park

April 11, 2013 · Print This Article

Bulk black and white copies are a great way to save on you office budget when you realise how much of your office printing can be done in this format. Even though this might seem like a “duller” form of printing, it is really a practical way of saving time and money in a variety of different projects.

User manuals, for example, usually don’t need colourful pictures to get the message across to their readers. Printing user manuals in high volumes makes much more sense economically than delegating the task to an unsuspecting, untrained employee that will spend hours in front of the copy machine at the office and could even miss the deadline.

Black and white copies for textbooks

Black and white copies are often used to print textbooks. When it comes to office use most standard textbooks usually are straight forward and uncomplicated, and so they don’t require colour printing. It is much more cost effective to let a professional printing company bind and print the textbooks so that the books are long-lasting, look uniform and reflect a professional company policy.

Black and white flyer printing                       

Flyers are a great marketing tool because you don’t have to turn every dime twice to get the word out there. Designing and printing flyers in black and white can significantly trim your budget, allowing you to print more of them. Black and white printing will work just as effectively as colour printing when you only want to feature your specials and if your message is short and sweet. For small business, this marketing strategy will deliver fast results with limited resources.

Black and white printing for conference venues

Event management is an exciting venture, but you have to make an impression on every visitor to an important gathering. For a professional and organised look, black and white is always a winner, especially if you have to cater for hundreds of visitors that will attend a conference. Print bulk black and white copies of the programme for the day to save money that could be well spent on other important expenses, like food.

If you’re looking for an easy way to get your bulk copy work done, it’s time to partner with Minuteman Press. Give us a call to find out more about our bulk black and white printing services in Hyde Park today!

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