Where to Distribute Your Flyers for The Most Impact

May 1, 2017 · Print This Article

One of the most widely used print marketing materials is a flyer. They provide potential customers with more information about your enterprise.


Using Flyers for Marketing 

Some of the most common ways to use flyers to generate leads and boost sales include:

  • Handed out by representatives of the company to potential customers
  • As a method of providing more information to clients
  • As a means of promoting special offers and sales

Flyers are usually printed in a calculated quantity for marketing the business, allowing companies to manage marketing budgets while enjoying high returns. Well targeted distribution makes leaflets cost-effective for small businesses.


Flyer Distribution 101 

  1. When selecting the most impactful way to hand out your leaflets, assess the following:
  • What are the demographics of your target audience?
  • Will you find your target audience where they live, work, socialise or shop?
  • What does your target audience need to achieve your marketing goal?

Being clear on the above enables you to concentrate your delivery efforts more effectively.

  1. Possible places to share your flyers:
  • Inside packaged orders
  • Insert them into your local newspaper
  • In collaboration with complimentary businesses
  • At exhibitions and trades shows
  • Distribute to industry influencers
  1. When handing out flyers, make sure that you do more good than harm:
  • Check that it is not illegal or prohibited to distribute in your chosen spot.
  • Expect to bend down and pick up any dropped flyers – adding to litter gives a bad impression.


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